4,4 % minder PC verkopen in Q4

10 febr Gartner geeft aan, dat in West Europa in het vierde kwartaal 4,4% minder PC’s warden verkocht, in totaal ging het om 19,4 miljoen stuks, men spreekt over een neerwaartse spiraal. Apple is nu wel bij de top-5 in Frankrijk en Engeland.

The analyst says the PC market continues what it calls its “downward spiral”, with W. European shipments declining by 8.1% between October and end of December 2010. As PC vendors remain cautious and delay orders, mobile PC shipments in the consumer market decline by 2% in the same period.

It’s clear consumer spending is shifting from PCs to other devices— media tablets, gaming machines and e-readers. This is due to the still weak economy, where consumers decide to wait for Q1 2011’s new devices and cheaper media tablets.

The harsh winter in a number of countries also minimises foot traffic into retail shops.

The top 3 PC vendors see Y-o-Y declines in W. Europe— HP regains top position in Q4 2010 (from Acer) with 22.1% market share, retaining the lead in the professional and desk-based PC segments, but losing the top position to Acer in the consumer PC segment. Acer has 20.8% market share (down by 2.2% from last year), with a 13.5% decline in shipments. Dell comes third, with 9.8% market share, thanks to a slight pickup in professional PC demand.

Gartner also says W. Europe’s professional PC market ultimately remains flat in Q4 2010— increasing Euro/Dollar exchange rates limit any price reductions, resulting in a 0.9% Y-o-Y increase.

“Traditionally the last quarter of the year is driven by growth in the consumer segment,” said Meike Escherich, principal analyst at Gartner. “However, between October and the end of December 2010 the consumer PC market in Western Europe continued its downward spiral, with shipments declining 8.1 percent.” Mobile PC shipments in the consumer market declined 2 percent, mainly because many PC vendors delayed orders as cautious retailers kept inventory in check.

In a weak economic environment, consumer spending shifted decisively from PCs to other consumer electronic devices, including media tablets, gaming machines and e-readers. A wait-and-see approach impacted PC spending as consumers expected new products and cheaper media tablets in the first quarter of 2011. Additionally, adverse weather conditions in several countries minimized foot traffic into retail shops, diminishing selling opportunities.

In the fourth quarter of 2010, the top three PC vendors all saw declines year-on-year in Western Europe. HP regained the No. 1 position from Acer with a 22.1 percent market share. HP retained the lead in the professional and desk-based PC segments, but lost the No. 1 position to Acer in the consumer PC segment. Acer lost 2.2 percentage points of market share, with a 13.5 percent decline in shipments. Acer was affected by declining demand for mini-notebooks and an excess of channel inventory in some countries. Dell continued to struggle in the consumer PC market, but benefited from a slight pickup in demand for professional PCs.

“2011 will be a defining year for the consumer device market,” said Ms. Escherich.” Vendors and service providers will have to rethink how they retain customers and attract new ones if they want to survive in this highly competitive environment.”




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