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« EIH reports impressive results for 3Q17

Taiwan-based E Ink Holdings (EIH) has reported consolidated revenues of NT$4.79 billion (US$158.8 million) for the third quarter of 2017, surging 29.8% sequentially and 7.8% on year, with net profits of NT$1.17 billion or NT$1.04 per share, according to company sources.

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« Automotive Electronics to see strongest growth through 2021, says IC Insights

Automotive electronic system sales are forecast to rise by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.4% from 2016 through 2021, which is the highest among six major end-use system categories, according to IC Insights.

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« Feng Chia University developing digital optics applications

Feng Chia University in central Taiwan has established a digital optics center to promote the development of digital optics technology and applications, according to professor He Ju-liang with the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the university. <div></br><a href="http://www.pheedo.com/click.phdo?x=ad425c81e2cd4255b72e3f1c0bce7f72&u=20171116PD203"></a></div>

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« Chimei Materials to build three 2,500mm polarizer lines in China in five years

Taiwan-based Chimei Materials Technology plans to set up two more 2,500 mm polarizer production lines in China within five years after kicking off construction of the world's first such line in its Kunshan plant complex in Jiangsu province in early November, with the second one to be located in central China, according to company chairman Ho Chao-yang.

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« Taiwan government to boost general participation in setting up rooftop PV systems

Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has announced a program to encourage owners of residential, commercial and office buildings to apply for setting up rooftop PV systems without the need of injecting their own funds, according to economics minister Shen Jong-chin.

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« China IC design revenues to surge 28% to CNY194 billion in 2017

The annual revenues of China's IC design industry are estimated to surge 28.15% on year to CNY194.598 billion (US$29.26 billion) in 2017, accounting for more than one third of the aggregate global IC design market sales for the year, according to Wei Shaojun, president of the VLSI Design Chapter of the China Semiconductor Industry Association (CSIA).

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« SMIC founder to set up new CIDM in China

Richard Chang, founder and former CEO of China-based pure-play foundry Semiconductor Manufacturing International (SMIC), has orchestrated the establishment of a new foundry house in China that will run as a commune IDM (CIDM).

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« Standalone VR HMDs to enjoy growing popularity in China

With the ecosystem of standalone virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMDs) and PC-bundled VR HMDs gradually becoming more complete, demand for the two types of devices are expected to grow in a pace much stronger than that of entry-level mobile VR products in China, according to sources from the VR supply chain.

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« Austria chipmaker ams partners with China firm to develop 3D sensing camera solutions

Austria-based ams and China-based Ningbo Sunny Opotech, an optical image system solution provider, have announced a collaboration to jointly develop and market 3D sensing camera solutions for mobile devices and automotive applications. <div></br><a href="http://www.pheedo.com/click.phdo?x=ad425c81e2cd4255b72e3f1c0bce7f72&u=20171117PD210"></a></div>

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« Scientech to post record 4Q17 revenues

Taiwan-based Scientech is likely to see its fourth-quarter revenues climb to a record high with profits rising over 30% sequentially, as its wafer reclaim business has enjoyed strong customer demand, according to a Taipei-based <em>Central News Agency (CNA)</em> report.

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« More Android smartphone vendors to adopt 3D sensing for new models

Android smartphone vendors including Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi Technology are expected to equip 3D sensing functionality to their new models slated for launch in 2018, according to industry sources, which also pinpointed suppliers including Largan Precision, Sunny Optical, Orbbec and Himax Technologies as the major beneficiaries.

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« Anpec expects fan motor drivers to drive 2018 revenue growth

Analog IC firm Anpec Electronics expects growing sales of its fan motor driver ICs to be a major revenue growth driver for the company in 2018. <div></br><a href="http://www.pheedo.com/click.phdo?x=ad425c81e2cd4255b72e3f1c0bce7f72&u=20171116PD216"></a></div>

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« Server DRAM prices to rise in 4Q17, says DRAMeXchange

Server DRAM contract prices for the fourth quarter of 2017 are forecast to rise 6-10% sequentially as demand continues to outpace supply, according to DRAMeXchange. Major suppliers are set to see their server DRAM revenues reach the highest levels for the year in the fourth quarter.

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« Samsung to continue adopting heat pipes for smartphones in 2018

Despite the recent market rumors indicating that Samsung Electronics may stop using heat pipes for its new smartphones in 2018, sources from upstream supply chain players have pointed out that the Korea-based vendor will continue the thermal design and its suppliers have already begun small volume production of related components.

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« HTC prepares Ultra HD VR HMD for 2018

HTC is reportedly planning to release a new head-mounted display (HMD) supporting Ultra HD resolution in 2018 at the earliest, and together with the launch of its new all-in-one HMD, the newly released standalone Vive Focus and an expected price cut on its existing HTC Vive in the near future, the vendor's VR device shipments are expected to rise in 2018, according to market watchers.

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« Ennoconn to set up development center in China

IPC provider Ennoconn plans to set up an operational and development center in Suzhou, eastern China in 2018 in order to grasp business opportunities arising from the China government's Made in China 2025 initiation, according to company sources.

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« Over 1,100 VR applications available at Viveport, says HTC

The number of VR (virtual reality) applications available at HTC's VR App store, Viveport, has reached over 1,100, including 800 supporting VR gaming arcades and over 300 supporting subscription services, according to sources at HTC.

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« Foxconn 3Q17 gross margin hits 18-quarter low

EMS provider Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) has reported its third-quarter 2017 gross margin was 5.83%, the lowest quarterly level since second-quarter 2013. Its net profit for the quarter reached NT$21.029 billion (US$698.34 million).

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« AI to bring opportunities, challenges for Taiwan semiconductor industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) will bring huge business opportunities and challenges for Taiwan's semiconductor industry, and the industry will face fierce competition from China, where both the central and local governments are fully gearing up for developing semiconductor technologies, according to CC Wei, co-CEO of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). <div></br><a href="http://www.pheedo.com/click.phdo?x=ad425c81e2cd4255b72e3f1c0bce7f72&u=20171116PD212"></a></div>

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« SMIC to start volume production of 14nm FinFET process in 2019

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp (SMIC), China's largest foundry, will kick off volume production of 14nm FinFET process technology in 2019 and launch its second-generation 28nm HKMG process by the end of 2018, according to company sources.

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« MediaTek touts Helio P in China amid Qualcomm speculation

MediaTek is aggressively persuading China smartphone vendors to adopt its Helio P processors to reduce risks of heavy reliance on Qualcomm, whose operations might be affected by Broadcom's takeover bid, according to industry sources.

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« Next-gen iPad Pro to feature 7nm A11X chip, says report

Speculation circulated recently in the chipmaking industry that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is gearing up for 7nm chip production for Apple's in-house designed A11X SoC that will power the next-generation iPad Pro device slated for launch as early as the end of first-quarter 2018, according to a report from Taiwan's <em>TechNews</em>. <div></br><a href="http://www.pheedo.com/click.phdo?x=ad425c81e2cd4255b72e3f1c0bce7f72&u=20171116VL201"></a></div>

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« Global Unichip tapes out 16nm TCAM compiler

Taiwan-based IC design service company Global Unichip has announced a successful TCAM compiler tape-out based on TSMC's 16FFC process technology.

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« Yageo to raise MLCC prices again

Yageo is poised to raise its MLCC prices for the fourth time in 2017 to reflect its ongoing tight supply, and rising materials and labor costs, according to a Chinese-language <em>MoneyDJ.com</em> report.

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« Taiwan 2-tier touch panel makers see profit margins improving

Taiwan-based second-tier touch panel makers have seen their profit margins improve recently as their efforts to penetrate into the niche and industry segments have begun bearing fruit, according to industry sources.

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« WiseChip to showcase new in-cell PMOLED touch panels

PMOLED panel maker WiseChip Semiconductor will showcase its1.36- and 1.8-inch flexible in-cell PMOLED touch panels at the upcoming China Hi-Tech Fair 2017 in Shenzhen from November 16-21.

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« Creating user value: Q&A with EIH chairman Frank Ko

E Ink Holding (EIH) has been a pioneer in the development of electrophoretic display (EPD) technology and consequently become a primary e-paper solution supplier for Amazon's Kindle e-book readers. But the company suffered heavy losses during the period from 2012-2015 as the e-book readers market shrunk fast due to the rise of iPad devices and the like.

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« Advantech expanding Europe service center

Advantech has announced plans to expand its service center in Europe, doubling the size of the facility's warehouse and office space and almost tripling its assembly services (CTOS) in production capacity. <div></br><a href="http://www.pheedo.com/click.phdo?x=ad425c81e2cd4255b72e3f1c0bce7f72&u=20171116PR203"></a></div>

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« ALi posts another quarter of losses

IC design house ALi, which specializes in set-top box (STB) chipset solutions, has reported a seventh consecutive quarterly loss in the third quarter of 2017 in which net losses came to NT$105 million (US$3.5 million) or NT$0.36 per share.

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« Digitimes Research: Smartphone shipments up on quarter in China in 3Q17

Smartphone shipments in the China market reached 112.8 million units in the third quarter of 2017, increasing 18.6% sequentially but decreasing 1.9% on year. China shipments accounted for 31.3% of the global smartphone shipments in the quarter, according to Digitimes Research.

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« Teco to set up JV for green energy

Taiwan-based Teco Electric &amp; Machinery has disclosed it will establish a joint venture (JV) for investments in generating green energy with local financial holding companies.

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« Samsung overtakes Intel as semiconductor leader in 3Q17, says IHS

In the second quarter of 2017, Intel remained the market leader in pure semiconductor revenues, generated by the sale of its own products, according to IHS Markit. But the leadership changed in third-quarter 2017. <div></br><a href="http://www.pheedo.com/click.phdo?x=ad425c81e2cd4255b72e3f1c0bce7f72&u=20171116PR200"></a></div>

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« Samsung huge chip capex for 2017 shows move to defend its memory dominance

After spending US$11.3 billion in semiconductor capex last year, Samsung announced that its 2017 outlays for the semiconductor group are expected to more than double to US$26 billion. The company's US$26 billion in 2017 outlays will be more than Intel and TSMC combined, according to IC Insights.

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« CPT reports decreased earnings for 3Q17

Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) has reported net profits of NT$184 million (US$6.12 million) for the third quarter of 2017, down from NT$1.189 billion a quarter earlier. EPS for the third quarter stood at NT$0.04.

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« Globalfoundries, Fudan to deliver next generation dual interface smart card

Globalfoundries (GF) and Fudan Microelectronics Group have announced they have produced a next generation dual interface CPU card, using GF's 55nm low power extended (55LPx) technology platform. GF's 55LPx platform has the capability to integrate multiple functions onto a single chip that results in a secure, low power, and cost effective solution uniquely suited for the Chinese bank card market, including financial, social security, transportation, healthcare, and mobile payment applications, according to the companies.

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